We value our patients' experience at Optimal Spine Chiropractic. 

Dear Dr. Jen,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this past week. I just learn so much from you guys. Our experience at Optimal Spine has been life changing and we are so thrilled that our kids are part of our changes! It has been a long and challenging journey in the world of medicine and health in the past few years, and we have so much more work to do on our journey to optimal health, but we know that we have the tools and support to continue on our path. We really thank everyone in your office for their time and patience. We tell everyone about you all!

I know you all are incredibly busy. I am sincerely grateful for the time I get to have with you!

Thank you and everyone else for taking care of everything else while I was with you!

Sincerely, Rebekah Carney-Morey & Family



My right elbow & shoulder was constantly in pain. I also had pain in my low back & legs.

I have had 2 back surgeries, which came a couple years after having received OT, spinal injections, a myriad of muscle relaxers, & pain meds.

Once I started chiropractic care, I immediately felt as if a change was occurring. With each successive visit, my body feels in better “flow”, and my symptoms have decreased.

Something that surprised me about this office was that the staff & doctors take a personal interest in me, as a person. I expect good care from the doctors, but Jeanne & Karen are easy to talk with and are so accommodating with schedule changes. When they answer the phone “I can help”, it’s really true!

Something I didn’t realize was what it is like to have no headache!

Susan Taylor




I started Chiropractic care because of chronic headaches. Once I started chiropractic care I experienced immediate relief. My headaches went from daily to none at all!

I love how welcoming everyone is.

Megan Cooper




I originally sought chiropractic care because I had constant neck pain, back pain, as was generally “not feeling well”. I had tried acupuncture, pain medication, wine, just griping about it, or plain old ignoring my pain.

Once I started chiropractic care I experienced Relief!

Something that surprised me about this office was the friendliness of everyone. These wonderful people will help you – but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Erin Nesbitt




There wasn’t really a problem that caused me to seek this particular care, but for about 4 years I have experienced pain in my knees & legs. I have tried physical therapy and medication. A couple months after I started chiropractic care my knees stopped hurting completely and haven’t bothered me again.

Breonna L




I had back & neck pain and had been trying physical therapy. After much persistence and a few months of care, I finally experienced the relief I so desperately craved. I was surprised at the genuine care and concern from everyone in the office. I would like to share that I was skeptical about chiropractic care and its effectiveness. Thanks to Dr.s Jen & Mark, I am a chiropractic advocate.

Pamela Halligan




I originally sought chiropractic care because I had low back and knee pain. I had tried various creams and medications. Now that I am under chiropractic care, I feel better all over and now run, walk, and work out four days a week. What surprised me about this office was the hospitality of Jeanne and the entire office. This is the most pleasant atmosphere. Dr. Jen and Dr. Mark are terrific!

Carol Bruce




I originally sought chiropractic care for my low back pain. I had tried getting more sleep and laying on my back when sleeping. Now that I am under chiropractic care, I realize that it is not painful. The office is clean and neat and the Doctors are really, really nice. I never liked going to doctors, but Optimal Spine Chiropractic has changed my mind.

Damon White




I had a terrible hip pain that I took pain pills for. After starting chiropractic care, I experienced relief of that pain. The people at Optimal Spine Chiropractic are so very cordial and understanding. If you haven’t tried chiropractic, give an adjustment a try.

Abby L



I originally sought chiropractic care while having post-epidural low back pain & bulging neck discs. I had tried 2 other chiropractors and 2 nerve blocks and NO relief. After starting chiropractic care, I experienced relief! The relief was immediate and continual and I am now able to sleep. The office is so pleasant, fun & caring! Optimal Spine Chiropractic is very family feeling. I love the emphasis on wellness & nutrition. This is the only individualized chiropractic plan that I have experienced. So chiropractic is for me and it is successful!

Thank You!

Sandy Brooks




I first started Chiropractic care because my wife insisted that it was a good thing. Once I started chiropractic care I experienced a relaxed atmosphere, nice doctors, and improved health. This office is great! Dr. Mark & Dr. Jen really knows how to “pop a sublux”!

Hans L.




I originally sought chiropractic for hip pain. I had tried other chiropractors, doctors, & physical therapy with NO relief. After starting chiropractic care, I experienced some initial discomfort in my lumbar area due to the shifting of my vertebrae. I was told that this could happen and it was part of my healing process, so I did not worry. I was surprised that Optimal Spine Chiropractic took complete x-rays, interviewed me, and taught me about chiropractic care. I’d like to share that I thought that I’d never find anyone help fix or even know what was wrong.

Karen Taylor




I originally sought chiropractic because my hips were out of alignment and ibuprofen & Tylenol were not helping. After starting chiropractic care I took pain relievers less often. How friendly and personable Dr. Jen, Dr. Mark, & Jeanne are, surprised me. They are one big happy family. They put you at complete ease. You actually look forward to your next appointment!

Paula Adkins




I originally sought chiropractic care because a silly person crashed into the back of my perfectly working car causing me to experience pain in my neck. I tried crying, whining, yelling, & pills - all with no relief. Once I started chiropractic care I experienced just about instant relief. The pain began to diminish within 1-2 weeks. I was surprised at how nice and friendly everyone in the office was. I think you guys are great people as well as doctors. I’m glad my lawyer chose this office.

Sean Hauer




I first started Chiropractic care because I was having back pain. I actually never tried anything to relieve my pain before this, but I notice that other people around me from my work were getting better. After only a few adjustments, I noticed that the back pain was going away and that I feel more energized! I was surprised that Optimal Spine Chiropractic didn’t just have you come in and adjust you and that’s it. They teach you how to keep your body healthy. This is a wonderful place. Everyone is friendly and the doctors treat you great. Once you try chiropractic treatment with Optimal Spine Chiropractic you will have a new understanding for your health.

Brian Fortney




Optimal Spine Chiropractic is a very positive family oriented practice that is very professional and knowledgable about chiropractic care. I look forward to my adjustments because it is a very positive and enjoyable experience. Dr.'s Mark & Jen, and the entire staff are wonderful with me and my entire family. Thank you for all you do for us!

Jeanne R.



Best chiropractors!!

I have been seeing Drs Mark and Jen for a couple years now and LOVE them! They really care about their patients, are great with my kids, and the staff is wonderful too!





Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

I have been so happy with the care we have recieved by Drs. Mark and Jen! We would recommend them to anyone!

BD Wheelock





My husband, my three children and myself have been going to Drs. Mark & Jen for at least three years now. Drs. Mark & Jen are wonderful chiropractors! They not only physically make you feel better, but they take the time to educate you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are friendly and personal with every single patient. There's always a positive atmosphere in their office. Their office staff are very efficient and friendly. Optimal Spine Chiropractic ROCKS!!!

Angie W.




Look forward to each visit

I have been taking my 3 children & myself to OSC for over a year now. I began going when pregnant with my 4th child, to try to alleviate some hip pains that I had with every pregnancy. Within a week of going, I never had that hip pain again. Dr. Jen is very knowledgeable about how to help keep my family healthy - we all look forward to going every other week. Even my kids get excited to get adjusted! I cannot say enough about their care & recommend them to everyone I know. The office is a bit of a drive for me, especially being that I live 2 minutes from another chiropractors office, but it is well worth it.

Mandy H.




Chiropractic excellence!

Dr. Jen is an excellent chiropractor who is part of a well run, efficient, friendly business of helping others bodies to heal all day long. (Dr. Mark gets high marks too, though I get more adjustments from Dr. Jen). I've been completely satisfied since I started going to Optimal Spine nearly a year ago. Everyone in the office is friendly and professional, making it a pleasure to spend 15 minutes of my weekend receiving an adjustment there. I highly recommend them, including to those new to Chiropractic or just wanting to check it out. Check them out.

Taylor S.




OSC is awesome!+

Optimal Spine Chiropractic is awesome! I would (and have) recommended this office and staff to anyone. Not only are the Dr's wonderful at chiropractic, they are also fantastic at helping to change lives by giving you the tools and direction to live your life at the optimal level! It is a wonderful place for education and care and I can't say more great things about them :)

Ashley K.




Optimal Spine Chiropractic is AWESOME!!! I love both Dr. Mark and Dr. Jen and the staff is great. I truly appreciate their knowledge and concern for my well-being. I recommend them to anybody looking for chiropractic care.

Kimberly B.




I feel good! Upon exiting the office, patients have the option of pushing a little gadget. It plays "I Feel Good" by James Brown. After being adjusted last week (after missing a few weeks), I just had to push the button. I felt good! I have been a patient for almost two years and after being treated at Optimal Spine, I always feel better, think better...and and that is after just being adjusted. If I were to do all of the things that are taught at the free health seminars and classes, I would have to buy a button of my own and push it all the time. Professional with and knowledgeable and passionate about the health of their patients, Dr Jen and Dr Mark model to them the importance of taking care of the body from the inside out, starting with the true core, the spine. Worth taking a look at and making a regular part of your preventive health care routine.

Homeschool Mom of 9




This has been a change of life decision for me. My headaches have disappeared and the pain in my back has greatly improved. This will be a lifetime committment for me. I love Dr. Mark and Dr. Jen. they always have time for you no matter what and you always feel welcome.

Jamie M.




For years I have been sufferingfrom migraines. Doctors would prescribe medications that just wouldn't make the pain go away. A friend recommended chiropractic care to correct the problem. Great news - chiropractic adjustments work! My migraines are now infrequent and I feel better than ever! The atmosphere at OSC is so positive and you'll love Dr. Mark, Dr. Jen and the staff!

Veronica D.




I would recommend OSC to anyone interestedin maintaining good health. Drs. Mark and Jen provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. They educate their clients about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and the risks of unattended or undiagnosed subluxations. I get adjusted at least once a week, try to eat right, and feel super… thanks for asking!

Joe R.




I have been seeing Drs Mark and Jen for a couple years now and LOVE them! They really care about their patients, are great with my kids, and the staff is wonderful too!

Christy L.




I have been going to optimal spine chiropractic for over a year. Every one in the office is friendly and helpful. Both Doctors take time to explain everything to you and answer all of your questions. My wife and son are both patients as well as several of our friends. I put up with discomfort for years and I can't imagine going back to that. If your looking for help with back pain make an appointment today. This is more then just an adjustment. They offer additional seminars in the evening, about stretching, stress relief and more. They are clearly committed to improving your over all health. I look forward to every appointment.

Mike F. 



Look no further - make your appointment now! Dr. Mark & Jen are absolutely knowledgeable and truly caring doctors. They give you a full work up and evaluate the results and discuss with you which course of action to take. The support staff are inviting and so magnificently organized that you leave feeling better physically and emotionally.

Ms. Jimenez




OSC is the place to go. Dr. Jen, Dr. Mark and the staff are very friendly and create a wonderful family atmosphere. I was recommended by a friend and I am very thankful. Many of my family members now go to OSC as well. I have been on the mend since the day I walked in and happy to be in a better place with my overall health. When they answer the phone "I can help" believe them, they can!

R G., Havre de Grace, MD



My husband and I travel from Tampa, FL to go to this great team of Chiropractors...—That's how good they are!

We also love their office staff. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, especially Jeanne. She's an angel. We just love her! We're sure they'll take as good care of you as they care for us.

Mary Sullivan Esseff




 Optimal spine has done WONDERS with my back pain - makes carrying baby Savage so much easier!

Christina Savage


  • "I was very impressed with the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Anderson. I had received chiropractic in the past for my neck pain, but not to this level of care. After only a few sessions, my symptoms began to disappear, especially my neck pain, and I know I would not have been able to perform to my everyday work functions without the treatment I received."
    Neck Pain
  • "I have benefitted tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Anderson. Not only has the adjustments helped alleviate my stiffness and aches, but it has helped me have more energy and just feel more balanced over all. A few months ago, I was able to resume a favorite hobby of mine: golf. Due to my previous pain, I never thought that’d be possible."
    Back Pain
  • "Dr. Anderson has allowed me to be headache free for quite some time now. I used to have daily nagging headaches that often would turn into a migraine leaving me unable to function. For the longest time, I thought I could just keep taking medication to have the pain subside."


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